JAGS Jersey Area Girls Soccer

Fall 2015 JAGS Meeting

The JAGS mandatory meeting for age groups U7 to u14 will be held on :

July 16th, 2015 at 6:00 PM
Mercer Oaks
725 Village Road West
Princeton Junction, NJ 08550

JAGS Registration - Fall 2015


Important information/instructions for teams carding through JAGS on NJYS passes ONLY!!! - Click here.

* Registration is done by mailing the completed registration form along with the league registration fee and a 8 x 10 pre-paid return for the pass sheets (if carding through JAGS on NJYS passes) to Mollie Anderson-Theriault, 87 Charles Bossert Dr, Bordentown, NJ 08505
* Teams also have the option to drop off the form/fee at the above location and pick up pass sheets. However, eMail notification is required 24 hours in advance.
* Checks are made out to JAGS. Make sure the team age group, name & a contact phone # are on the check.
* Once accepted, NJYS registration is required on the GotSoccer website - See League Registration

Please contact your Age Group Coordinator directly for any questions. League Carding questions should be directed to Mollie Anderson. Current League Contacts and Age Group Coordinators can be found here.

JAGS Schedules & Score Reporting

Schedules and score reporting will be handled by the GotSoccer website. This is the same system used for league card registration. Click here.

JAGS Announcements

The JAGS Rules, Referee Fees, and the Game Card are available. All teams are required to review. In particular, please pay attention to item 4f under "Playing Season" in the JAGS rules for NJYS/USYSA.

All JAGS & maps games must have a game card from both teams! The referees have been instructed that if they do not get a game card from both teams then they will be paid but the game will not be refereed or count as being played.

The JAGS Age Group Definitions for 2015-2016 are available here.

JAGS Referee Fees



Div 1 - U17-U19 age group - $80/$40/$40 (center/line/line)
Div 2 - U15-16 age group - $70/$35/$35 (center/line/line)
Div 3 - U13-14 age group - $60/$30/$30 (center/line/line)
Div 4 - U11-12 age group - $50.00 (center only)
Div 5,6 - U8-10 age group - $40.00 (center only)

*** If the Match is refereed by only a single Referee, then they get paid only for a Center ***