How To Buy Ethereum? The Ultimate Guide to Buying this Cryptocurrency

In addition to Bitcoin and litecoin, the currency called ether has emerged in the virtual market and is already reaching almost half of the Bitcoin cash share.
Ether is the name of a currency that works on the Ethereum network protocol and is very similar to other cryptocurrencies. It appeared on the market in 2013, created by Vitalik Buterin and is based on blockchain technology and uses a unique token – Ether. Being based on blockchain technology means that it allows developers to create and publish applications that are decentralized. Ethereum is considered to be much more than a cryptocurrency. It’s possible to gather Ethereum from online exchanges such as CoinBase, as we outlined below, and Ethereum can be mined via Eth cloud mining.

The main similarity between Bitcoin and Ethereum is that they are both built with blockchain technology. Bitcoin is a deflationary currency, more precisely, it depends on the number of users, and its quantity decreases over time. Ether has no limit but has a fixed production ratio. Which would mean that the value of Ethereum will not grow disproportionately as it does with Bitcoin, but will have continued stability in the market? Ethereum uses smart contracts – more specifically, if you want to execute a program, you need to send it to the blockchain and pay it to the ethers. The amount you pay into a smart contract is then under the control of that contract and then given the opportunity to change it. Tickets, points for shops, computer games and the like can be purchased through Etherima.

This may sound more complicated and complicated than using Bitcoins, but there is a straightforward way to buy Ethereum.

How to buy Ethereum quickly and safely?
There are many ways to buy cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, and more recently, other alternative cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum. The simplest site we have found and also offers free use is +Ethereum. To make it as easy as possible, these are the steps you need to follow.

Log on to the +Ethereum page

You will need your personal information to sign up. Your personal data will not be used for anything but your login and your security. Although the main advantages of using cryptocurrency is anonymity; the simplicity and safety of using this site is a more significant benefit. After entering your personal information, you will also need to verify it via email and mobile number. The homepage will show you all the information you need. You can periodically observe the movements of currencies, but also your financial situation. In the right corner, you will see that your account optimization is not done yet, so you will need to add a picture of your ID or passport. This ensures that end-users are used, in this case, by you. After receiving the confirmation email, you can immediately start using Coinbase.

Enter your payment information and payment method

After you have entered all your personal information and received the confirmation, it is time to enter the information through which you will buy Ethereum. You can choose how to pay for a bank transfer or link your credit and debit card. Please note that using the tickets will also pay an additional fee to the card company. Enter all the details and accept the payment method.


Buy Ethereum

Now you have entered all the information so you can buy cryptocurrency. You choose the amount and currency you want, with a daily limit that the site will specify for you. In addition, you can get additional discounts, more valid coupons if you enter amounts greater than $ 100. When making a payment, you will be presented with a final number (which you have subscribed) showing that you have received a special commission – from Coinbase, the transaction price and possibly the bank commission you use.

After your purchase, you go ahead and log in to the site whenever you want with your password and monitor the status of your cryptocurrency. You can similarly buy litecoin.